2022 Luscious Farm Calendar

- Real farmers, real food, in the nude. -

The Luscious Farm Calendar is back for a 6th season of the pastoral scenes, beautiful vegetables, authentic farmers, and discreet nudity you have come to know and love. I'm tickled to still be getting to keep my photography passions alive with a project that started as a tongue-in-cheek gift for my fellow farm friends and has evolved into an annual project capturing the beauty, strength, and playfulness of farmers and their local farms. These photos are of real farmers on the land they steward, the trees they sit under to have their lunch, and the fields where they plant their seeds and talk to one another of their lives and dreams.

I feel so lucky to get to take this kind of portraiture, as unconventional as it may seem, as it is actually a powerful experience to have one's photo taken in the context of the place where one works, when one is deeply connected to the landscape and deeply passionate about the work. I also love being able to capture not only the beauty of farmers, but also the essence of what they find beautiful in themselves. I feel proud to be a farmer and to be included in a group of folks I admire so much. My ultimate goal is to promote sustainable agriculture with this project, hopefully inspiring more people to buy local food, protect viable farmland and wild spaces, fund beginning farmer training programs, and fight for all children to have access to healthy, fresh food. If it also inspires some folks to take off their clothes and start growing a garden, all the better.

I have infinite gratitude to the farmers who keep on working so hard during these unprecedented times of covid, wildfires, smoke, in addition to the everyday challenges of small-scale, sustainable agriculture. I am thankful to my husband for always supporting my farming and photography, being my technology savior, and of course, making this kick-ass website (check out the new "Gallery" page!). Thanks to Willow for her emotional support this year with the significant shifts that came along with our little ones. And, of course, to our little ones, giving us even more of a reason to take care of this beautiful planet. Lastly, to those of you who eagerly await this calendar each year – to hang in your kitchens and send to your friends near and far – thank you. You keep me inspired and motivated; I hope you enjoy looking at this as much as I enjoyed making it!

- Maisie